Letter to the Editor on "Advanced Practice Nursing"

Advanced Practice Nursing

June 9, 1997
in response to Advanced Practice Nursing

Dear Editor:

Just read the articles on APRN debate. Interestingly enough, there is an emerging trend in family practice/primary care to recarve in mental health treatment to the primary care setting. Along with this are discussions about having a psychiatric social worker in every office. Well, I think that this is a wonderful opportunity for advanced practice psychiatric nurses. I certainly hope we can settle the issue of nomenclature, licensure and designation so we do not again miss an emergent opportunity. I own (with two social workers and a psychiatrist) a large psychotherapy practice. We have several capitated managed care contracts and are on all the major provider panels in our area. Things are changing very rapidly and I think there are opportunities for nursing as never before...in psychiatric home health nursing, with community service boards (remember the community mental health movement), in case management, in outpatient settings, primary care and elsewhere. I certainly hope we are able to get this issue resolved so we are positioned to be ahead of the curve.

Michelle Zimmerman