Journal Recognition

July 2011

I recently read an OJIN article entitled "Developing Delegation Skills" (Weydt, A., 2010). I was very impressed to find this resource regarding this issue of nursing delegation. As nursing students we frequently wonder what can or cannot be delegated to assistant personnel. As a future nurse, I will need to learn my limitations in handing over some nursing care activities to another nursing staff member. It is comforting to know that even professional nurses are sometimes challenged to know what they can and cannot delegate to others.

I will definitely be passing this article on to the other senior nursing students at my university. As our graduation approaches, they will find this article to be interesting and informative. Please extend our gratitude to the author, and I will continue to read OJIN.

Patches D. Smith
Student Nursing Association President

July 2010

This is one of the best articles [Speros, C., 2009] that I have ever come across on health literacy. It has great tips and strategies that can be used to improve patient knowledge. [It] has the potential to improve the quality of life for many patients and save lives."

Pat Simmonds
NSW Regional Manager
Australian Primary Care Collaboratives
General Practice NSW

April 2010

I have referenced OJIN several times throughout my schooling and look to it for great news and insight on the nursing profession and community.Thanks for putting out such quality work!

Moria Morphew
Nursing Student at De Paul University
Chicago, IL

May 2008

Thank you so much for all the great articles. I teach in a nursing school in Texas and use the articles for computer discussions throughout the semester. There is a vast range of topics that are easy to access.

Roxann Lindsay, RN, MSN

October 2007

OJIN has been...contributing a wealth of information on issues in nurses. The information received from OJIN augments nurses' knowledge around the world.

Zelta Gayle, RGN, BScN, MScNstudent
University of the West Indies School of Nursing
Jamaica, West Indies

August 2007

Dr. Coeling -
I am very excited to discover your online publication. Your site came up after a Google search of current issues in nursing. I am in the middle of an accelerated bilingual nursing program in Phoenix, Arizona, and am always looking for opportunities to immerse myself in my current field of study. I look forward to sharing my discovery with my classmates!

Ellen Zygmontowicz